In between my ugly snorts and sniffles through the week, I could not piece together a worthy story. That’s right. I have this terrible fllu that cannot seem to let me do some nation building. That is how I settled on today’s blog post. Blogging isn’t easy and the hardest part about blogging probably is getting views/readers. But who said it is not doable? I mean we guys know how to pick meat from the neck of a hen, is there anything we can’t do? Having a good blog can really help you gain lots of traffic and I shared a few tips below that can help you do that.


Little is always much it comes to blogging. Naturally, we are colorful beings who like to infuse a splash of color in everything we do from time to time. It is a syndrome I have carried with me all my life. However, your blog theme and design might not be the right place for you to splash it. Because you want to make your blog as easily readable as possible. My advice would be, choose a minimalist theme. You can never go wrong with a white theme with a black font. However, if you decide to go with the bright colors, try to keep your outlay clean so that your readers do not feel like you’re attacking their eyes.


Think of these two titles: Where is my banana? Versus I am selling a banana. I am more likely to click on the one that carries an element of fun and mystery with it. i.e. ‘where is my banana.’ Both seem to drive a similar message, but one appeals to more senses than the other. Yet, while at this, let what your readers see be what they actually find in the blog post. Don’t bait them and then disappoint them. It is an unforgivable sin. No one likes to feel deceived.


When it comes to blogging, what you give is what you get. If you give quality content to your audience, then your traffic is likely to be higher. Same thing with if you offer your audience mediocre content. Have a variety of content to keep your audience coming back. And hey, it is your blog, you are not limited to what content you can provide. You can even tell us about how to sing like a pro in the bathroom as long as you know how to keep it interesting!


You can never go wrong with a positive and welcoming aura. Make your readers feel welcome to read your blogs as well as to air their thoughts on the same. It is a free world after all, isn’t it? Most importantly, respect their comments even when they seem to oppose your opinion/thoughts. Personally, I’d find it bothersome if the whole world seemed to agree on everything! So, allow different opinions and remember to shut out negative energy. (there is a big, fat black line between trolls and differing opinions).


Not all your readers are tech-savvy! Do not let your readers get lost while navigating through your site otherwise, they will never come back. That is why a minimalist theme is most advisable.  Make your Menu clear as and your font easily readable. Do not pick a font that looks like some unknown secret language however appealing it looks.  Most importantly, have a simple menu. By that I mean, having 13 pages on your menu won’t be so helpful for your readers especially if those pages have interrelated content.


When it comes to blogging, as is with pretty much everything else, consistency plus hard work can easily beat talent that lacks hard work. Also, people generally create patterns even without knowing. As a blogger, you need to capitalize on that. Hence, if you post on every Monday morning, try not to ever skip (unless you’re bedridden) because there are several great bloggers out there dishing out great content consistently and your readers may just migrate. You will be forgotten so easily that you will be spinning at the end of it. Choose a reasonable frequency of posting; e.g. do not post 13 articles in 3 days and then disappear for 6 months. Neither should you post only 1 article in two months. The first case will irritate the crap out of your readers and cause even you to burnout while the second will make it easy for them to forget you or even not take you seriously. However, whatever schedule you decide on, stick to it even on those days when you don’t feel like it.


Many say that writers are antisocial especially on their platforms. But hey, purpose to put some effort to actually respond to the comments that your readers post. You will be amazed at how much you will learn from them and their experiences. Also, you never know but in one way or another, you are creating a difference just by listening to them.


You are flesh and bone just like your readers, right?  Show them that vulnerable side of you. Share your flawed side because, for some reason, most people on the internet seek to give the idea that their lives are nothing short of perfection. Be different.  Give your writers something relatable in you. Because again, they do not want to deal with someone who sounds like a robot! Trust me, however flawed you think you are, they already love you. Isn’t that why they are reading your post already? They wont love you any less just because you also struggle from time to time like everybody else!


 Remember to love harder and laugh louder this week!



  1. Moses Odhiambo Owuor
    May 28, 2018 / 7:11 pm

    I’m starting to think you have some Luhya blood in you. How did you come up with the idea of how difficult it is to pick meat from a hen’s neck?
    Let me just echo this: BE AUTHENTIC. BE REAL.
    Tell your life story so readers can relate .
    I just love these pointers Mel, keep at it.

  2. Mumbi maina
    May 30, 2018 / 5:25 am

    I read all yours😀.i love this one in particular I see essence of blogging and how to keep you keep me interested.

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