That elder sister girl!


People,I  had an interesting week!It was one of those weeks I can hardly tell where one of the seven days went.This time round the day missing was Tuesday.That should tell you I staggered blindly through this week.smh.

When the weekend took too long to come I decided to do this lazy piece.You should see how I gave Friday a big bear hug this morning when I woke up.Oh,Friday my love!:)

Am about to sleep and today am not much in deep thought.So typically I have nothing to write.Am,just counting one,two,three..nine,ten,eleven…up to hundred as I wait for sleep to take me on a ride.Then my phone rings.

I pick the call and I chirp ‘haroo there!’ with that fake kikuyu accent and the lady across is like ‘idiot,how are you?‘ and I go on ‘niko vire vire kama jana girl.shasha!‘The girl on the other side of the phone breaks into a throaty laughter and I follow suit.We laugh a little more till she reminds me that we are using Bob Collymore’s line….now that tastes sour.

Our conversations with her never carry any sense of formality.We rarely end our conversations with salutations…maybe some throaty laughter.

That lady on the other side of the phone is my beautiful sister.The most beautiful lady I ever met,both inside and all the way out.As if that’s not enough,the most generous human I ever met except when it comes to chocolate!:)

She is my fashion icon,my little mother when real mum is away,my partner in crime,my giggle mate,the only girl with whom we share those jokes that only the two of us can understand.

The only girl who scolds me one minute and the other she is all over spoiling me.The only girl I secretly wait on for her to get tired of her new outfits so that I can inherit them.I find her closet awesome.As a small sister,za bure huwa nimependa.


That one girl who we sit and talk about nothing and everything.Yaani we talk till there is nothing to talk about and we go like ‘sa unabore,acha tuwatch tv!

That one lady who is always clueless of the latest trending stories and songs in media.By clueless I mean clueless!She is too restless to know the newest artist in town  or even the latest hot story of who bought who a car worth 10 million.And since that story has been trending,I will call her tonight to see if she caught wind  of it.I doubt if she has!

That lady who I enjoy making fun of every time she shrubs.Though she rarely does. That girl  whose Facebook pictures and status updates I love to double-tap,even when they are typed in Spanish!I guess we can call that ‘being a good sister.’

That lady who talks almost endlessly sometimes and she says I must listen to her if I want that blue dress of hers.That’s the girl am talking about.Yes,that girl who offers me advice when and even when I don’t need it.(Sorry siz but its true.)And I  love you for it!

Am talking about my elder sister.That girl with whom we spend the whole day doing endless photo sessions .And most times,I ,the poor little sister is the photographer.

That girl who cooks four dishes at a time and expects me to eat them all at once.(and if I don’t,then am accused of not loving her!)Keep in mind I haven’t yet told you about her good cooking skills.Honestly I envy you dear brother in law.:)

That girl with whom we karaoke all the high note songs together with the radio on highest volume.(wait a minute.We actually croak,we dont sing!)Little sister at least sang in a choir once,so you can imagine who sings a worse discord.)

Tell you what,
words are not enough to describe my elder sister.If I were to describe her,all the lovely adjectives in the dictionary would never suffice.I tend to think,if awesome has a superlative form ,then that would have been the right word to describe her.

Dear sister,I don’t know if you will kill me once you read this.
Look,I love you to Jupiter and back and I had no intention of writing about you…..until, until you called me tonight.Am not apologizing..well, maybe I am.

Home is boring without you.Can’t wait for you to be back home from session.Am missing all the crazy stuff we do.I came to realize it’s that stuff which keeps you and I sane,sis.

As I told you,dear reader I had nothing to write about today.I better go before I spill more about my sister.But before I go,did I tell you my sister is a law student?Maybe that’s why she is always keen never to shrub!lol

Meanwhile,cheers to the big sisters out there.And to the small sisters I.e (kina sisi 🙂
you can all agree with me that its a beautiful thing to have an elder sister,…and in Kenya while at that.


My name is Melodious. An economics student, foodie, a writer(writing gives life!), a sister, and a lover of life.

I love to dance in the rain and to sing in the bathroom.

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