Sometimes, I have difficult weeks -like all normal people do and were it not for Auntie Coffee, I would never be half as productive in life as I ought to be. Some days I am just there, getting through life, waiting fro Friday to arrive with its sexy goods.  Last week was one such for me. I was not able to write a story for this blog because darn, spinning stories is fun but a hell lot of work than we care to admit to. That is how I settled on doing a Taking Stock blog post today.

Cooking…Spaghetti. But let us be honest, there is minimal to no cooking streak in me. Every time we try to rectify that, the kitchen reminds me that I’m not worthy of its friendship. And you guys advised me to let go of people that did not want me in their lives. The kitchen is one of those people.

Reading…‘We are going to need some more wine’ by Gabrielle Union and ‘Born a Crime’ by Trevor Noah. The rawness in these books is blistering. Sometimes I read a single chapter of either books and then I get off the couch and lay flat on the floor to let it all sink in. What are you currently reading? And is it just me who never goes past page one of a book that evokes no emotion in me? Or are we together in this?

Wanting…chicken nuggets. Is there a problem too big, that sister chicken cannot solve?

Exposing…myself to different genres of literature and more especially autobiographies. God knows I struggle to finish those. It all starts well until I get tired. Then I google the person and that is how that book gets dropped.

Taking…Spaghetti and mango juice. And smoothie. And chicken nuggets. And avocado. Never mind. I think I’m eating pretty much everything in the fridge. Care to join me?

Wishing…I could go home. A few times homesick knocks at my door, ‘hello Melo, my old village mate. How ya doing? I just got here and I’m about to make your life a living hell for a few hours.’

Planning…on dying my hair. Yes, I can see your facial expressions, but worry not, my hair has swum with the sharks and still returned alive.

Watching…Girl Meets World. How to get away with murder. I am in love with Shonda Rhymes.

Wearing…Off-shoulder tops. I pity everyone that is choosing to follow the devil. Dearest, if hell is hotter than summer, then know that you are in for one hell of a burning. Why don’t you change your ways now?

Knowing…that out of the 163 selfies I am taking, only one or 2 will see the light of day. Because those two are my real face. Those two know I woke up looking like a queen. The rest are traitors. They are unworthy of my mercy. And we know what happens to traitors.

Buying…Clothes and then some. Me, I am an addict when it comes to clothes. I love them long. I love them short. I love them fitted. I love them free size. I love them all. Pray for me.

Liking…The Doritos advert where Morgan Freeman puts off the fire with his breath. Or is it the other way around?

Eating… Lots of ice cream. Hello, calories. Let us not make each other’s life harder. There is room enough in my clothes for all of us to flourish.

Enjoying…the absence of assignments this summer.

Learning…to trust my intuition. Sometimes you are not being overly judgmental, you are just trying to stay a million steps ahead of surprises. And, there is nothing wrong with that.

Letting…go of any pain in my heart. I think I’ve shed enough tears to water a whole ranch over things I have no control over.

Admiring…dudes. Dudes at the library. And at the gym. Everywhere. Kidding. I tend to do that even without intending to. Currently, I am admiring this blog: http://ijeomakola.com

Holding…a Johnie Walker banner in my hand and trying to figure out who designed that jacket he was wearing in the picture. And if that was his gait all along.

Practicing…writing down my day’s plans and even plans for my blog and life. Goodbye amnesia. Hello, consistency. Okay. That is a bit of a stretch. Let us just say, I am a bit more organized nowadays.

Wishing…I’d grow younger. I liked the taste of 21 better in my mouth. I really did. She was fruity and everything sweet. Nowadays, every time I have to answer someone that I am 22, I literally feel a few strands of the hair on my head turning gray. Or the skin on my face drooping. I do not know why, but I feel so old. And not in a good way.

Stopping…Expecting things from people. My heart is a small and fragile one. And I cry easily when the pain gets too much. So I’m learning to keep my expectations low but at the same time, tiring to ensure that it does not make me settle for less than I deserve.

Crushing…On a Lord Conde in the series ‘REIGN’. Take the world but give me Prince Conde. I will be just fine. He and I will be just fine.

Remember to love hard this coming week but even more, to laugh louder!



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  1. June 11, 2018 / 3:24 pm

    I love this !!
    Keep crushing on them dudes 😂😂😂 I also need me some aki

    Off shoulder and cold shoulder tops are must haves !!
    Mimi naongeza calories lakini hakuna enough space 😂😂😂
    Apart from the guy.. is the series REIGN cool?
    I always see it on Netflix but have never watched any episode ..

    Look for Hard Knock Wife by Ali Wong .. it’s hilarious 😁😁

    Ni hayo tu kwa sasa

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