Kandisi’s Water (and something else)

I was born in a part of Nairobi that is no longer a part of Nairobi and I grew up there as well. Rongai. This was long before it was so far away that people had to start seeking out visas for travel endeavors there (this statement is not supported by fact). Believe it or not, bus fare from home…

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It was an air freshener!

If you ever complimented me on the cologne I was using during my firsts semester on campus, I’d like to take this chance to invite you to my next doctor’s appointment before the year 2017 ends. Because you, my friend, are a liar. And so is your nose. Your sense of scent is balancing on two shaky legs and dancing…

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Life on the second floor

One afternoon last week, after swallowing those malaria pills which taste like a snack taken in hell, I sat thinking of how I am not ready to leave the world just yet. I swear I read out my 1-paged will out loud to God arguing my case out. Look, there is no chocolate in the grave. Neither is there Yoghurt…

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Oh! It was a bumpy ride.

#GuestPost Msinione hivi, I used to be a queen once. Only, it was a kingdom run by four ladies. There was her royal highness the queen, (me) her highness the princess, pretty eyes and I guess, a light skin. There is always a light skinned one in any clique. I was fresh out of high school, a little naïve and…

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The train travelled in reverse

Suddenly the month when we can put on weight without feeling guilty is here with us. I tried to answer some of the questions I received but as you all know, no one takes me seriously. Not even myself.😉 How was/is your experience of seeing someone in church? Pros and cons Seeing someone in church is interesting. Those men know…

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