The last kicks of a dying hen

When the rest of the women generation were busy inheriting the symmetry, looks and hourglass figure of Eve, I happened to inherit her appetite for forbidden things. So, understand me when I tell you that anything forbidden in the great Koran of diet, towards that; my African feet gravitate. Even I can never seem the brakes to my appetite for…

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Roses are red and, change sucks

You know the way we walk past the landlord with a spring in our feet, nose turned up in the air when we’ve paid rent before the 5th day of the month just to remind him or her that the oxygen he or she breathes is not purer than yours? That was me for the first two weeks after I…

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A villager and her first flight

The thing about listening to people narrate stories of their first time on a plane is that you get to sit with mango juice in a tumbler, idly twirling the stem, smile judgmentally at them all the time wondering why someone would embarrass themselves that badly in front of people on a plane. I mean, aren’t planes meant to be…

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I ruined a stranger

My quest for a knight in a shining armor has led me to some pretty dingy paths. I have dressed as a traditional dancer, a chef, heck, I’ve even joined a girls’ rugby team to get a guy to like me. It truly is a miracle how my thin legs came out intact when the horrible experience was over. Denno was…

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Kandisi’s Water (and something else)

I was born in a part of Nairobi that is no longer a part of Nairobi and I grew up there as well. Rongai. This was long before it was so far away that people had to start seeking out visas for travel endeavors there (this statement is not supported by fact). Believe it or not, bus fare from home…

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