20’s: Toughest decade of my life?

The 20’s can be a confusing and very difficult time for anyone. You have the energy and urge to cruise round the world but not enough money. Trying to be the best version of yourself but for some unknown reason, the men nature sends your way at that time act like they are making a Walmart run and you, well,…

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A little love and some letting go

It is nice to stir things a little from time to time, isn’t it? That is why today’s blog post is absolutely different from any I’ve done before. It is all pictures and a few captions. Pictures with statues of men. Handsome, muscular men I happen to be in love with. In fact, I sat on the lap of one of…

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This thing between he and I.

You know, I hoped it’d go away. This thing between he and I. That time will tear at the seams of it till nothing was left of it. Isn’t that what anyone with a crush hopes for? That it will just go away? But we forget that assumption is only a foolish man’s errand and much as I do not…

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Bad men, Good men.

I’ve dated a few men in this life. Some, good and some, bad. But Beto was one of the good ones. A man well-furbished on the interior as well as the exterior. A man so tall he could see as far as tomorrow when standing on his tippy toes. Now, I do not remember how we met or even the…

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It is not you. It’s me

Hers was a blithesomely sweet smile that formed delightful dents of delight on her cheeks when she showed it off to the world. A pair of large, lovely eyes and long hair that looked as though it had never known struggle. That hair must have had a life that closely rivals that of the prince of Saudi Arabia. Born, bred…

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