In between my ugly snorts and sniffles through the week, I could not piece together a worthy story. That’s right. I have this terrible fllu that cannot seem to let me do some nation building. That is how I settled on today’s blog post. Blogging isn’t easy and the hardest part about blogging probably is getting views/readers. But who said…

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Educative: Commission on the Status of Women.

It was the 2nd Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) and I still felt as overwhelmed as my first time attending one of those. Probably even more. These conferences have always kept me on the edge of my seat. I mean, how does one adequately prepare for 440 events? Being the curious individual that I am, I wanted to…

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My First. And its awkwardness.

Guys, whoever said first are always awkward and messy was right. He was a genius. We just never listened to him. Personally, I ignored him. Below are some of my tales from my firsts in many things!  First kiss: My first kiss was disaster. It was one of those encounters that leave you with a little less faith in life…

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Mothers were not meant to be perfect

To say that my mother and I have had an easy relationship over the years would be one hell of a lie. Darn, I will have dangerously bordered an atrocity if I dare say that we have always agreed on most stuff. But do you know one thing that has stayed constant over the years? My love for her. And…

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Letter to my younger sister

Dear Susanna, Do you know that I cried for a whole week the first time you went to boarding school? The ugly kind of crying that Jesus loves, the one where your nose runs with longer streaks than those of your tears and there is no shame felt whatsoever? Why? Because I needed God to watch over you for me.…

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