Dear Reckless Driver!

Reckless driver. This is a cry of alarm to you. She was not in any hurry going to her workplace, yet now there lies her lifeless body.She is dead. You can picture what someone looks like after being ran over by a trailer.That is the mental picture I keep getting every time I have to cross any road and every…

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Of Golgotha Love

To one that loved me unconditionally and generously, To one who saw beyond the far-reaching cracks in my character,   who saw me for what I would become if with His love He adorned me,  who saw my brokenness and moulded me into a vessel of honor, whose heart was bursting with love for me that He treaded the rugged…

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Rocky smoothness.

When we trully cease envisaging life through the cracked windows of our dreams, And discover just how big enough the world is to accommodate our dreams of magnanimous expanse, That is when we trully start living. When the stars start dimming within our eyes When we cease peering at life through our rose colored glasses, And finally accept that the…

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6Muffled cries of a twisted soul.

Spent my whole life living for others, maybe it is about time I started living for me, For my sweet selfish self. Lived my whole life trying to fix others, It is just time that I fixed my punctured broken self, wound to wound,crack to crack. Lived my life building colorful castles in the air, It is about time I…

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To my dark-haired prince (II),

Still at my knight in a shinning armour who my intuition tells me he will pay dowry in terms of camels. 😉 My darling dark prince, I know you are not coming riding on a wooden chariot and that you won’t have a chiseled jaw(too many novels!what do they usually mean when they talk of chiseled features)but darn it if…

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