That elder sister girl!

regardless of the shade it takes,family is all you got at the end of the day.
And a sister is an essential part of the family.

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The measure of my days.

  It is that time of the night.I know I will be fast asleep in the next seven minutes or less.I nearly laugh at myself when I imagine that’s the moment I waited for the whole day.The moment I get to sleep.That moment I get a break from a chaotic planet. Now its literally sinking into my system that ‘today’…

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Dear instag-photogrid.

So I have been all over my google handle for the past one week hunting for whoever that genius is who invented Photoshop Getting to the root of this.This week I think one nut in my head went loose and the carpenter wasn’t nearby to fix it.The result of it all was I found myself downloading the Instagram  application on…

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Happy Fathers day.

A few weeks ago was mother’s day and….and I think I need to applause all of us who wrote something on our blogs,twitter handles,facebook walls,in the papers all to appreciate our lovely mothers.But it would be bad if I proceeded without giving a hero’s clap for all who customized the message and scribbled or graffitied it on momma’s kitchen walls and…

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Weekend,please don’t leave yet….

Regardless of the tune you set to your alarm,         it will still be an alarm come tomorrow morning.          Yes…     an  irritating alarm.   ..are the words that keep ringing in my mind as I am sitted here on my bed, staring outside at nothing in particular. Maybe just counting  the minutes despairingly  as I watch Monday approaching from…

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