Being Kenyan.

On which day do you get to sit back and assess your week?Stuff like getting to know which MP walked out of an interview on live TV.Like,o-n l-i-v-e TV!Thanks for noticing the emphasis placed on each syllable.(we don’t mention names here.The reason being, you won’t come bail me out should I land in a cell for defaming an esteemed MP!)…

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Old age,it’s about time we talked.

I’ve been meaning to write about this.I just never seem to get the right words to write it.No.I think i’m telling a lie. The truth of the matter is that I was afraid what you would think of me.What you would think after reading what goes through my mind.I was afraid of the smirk that would paint your face once…

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My fading laundry.

Its Sunday.The day I get to do my laundry.On such days, you wake up,look at the heap of clothes waiting for you and you sigh.If only washing them was half  as fun as wearing them is. As I hang the clothes on the hanging line,I can’t help but realize  that I am not seeing some clothes I used to have…

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And it’s still raining..

Some days its all sunny around us but deep in our hearts,its dark.We feel like it is raining all around us and our raincoats are  leaking. There are days we wish we could speak faith into our own lives the same way we do to our friends when they are having a difficult time. There are times life hurls lemons…

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Just when will the road clear out?

This Saturday was one of the days I decided to attend church in a new place and that’s how I got caught up in jam along that Langata road this evening on my way back to town. So at 6.50 pm am still in town. That’s the latest I have ever found myself in town.Yes am the type who fear…

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