2MForDottyMondaBill.Tribute to a fallen choxxerian.

We all have a taste of how it must feel when we lose someone to the steel cold grip of death.If it was a cold morning it suddenly feels colder,we shiver on our office desks.We pretend to be strong….for ourselves.Then all of a sudden we can hold it no more and we can feel the salty taste of our tears…

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I may not have had a chance to anoint you as Mary Magdalene did, or even carry spices to your tomb Neither did I get the chance to live during your times and be your disciple.You see ,secretly ,I do wonder if you would  have made them 13,at least for my sake. Though deep down…I know that whether that would…

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SIBLING ‘A’ syndrome.

Munchkins, I have been having a lot to tell you and I thought today I would end the month in style. Today i’m speaking to those of us who are blessed to have more than one sibling.As a matter of fact, I have a whooping four blood siblings and two siblings-in-love who live with us. You must be wondering why…

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Password,I never quite seem to remember you!

Hey good people from the nation which ‘son of our soil’ hails from.You all know who I’m talking about.:) The man who had Kenyans planting grass along the road within three days to his arrival.I’ve not been to town so somebody update me concerning the grass,did it grow?Did uncle Barry notice it anyway? 🙂 I’ve been away and not doing…

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Being Kenyan.

On which day do you get to sit back and assess your week?Stuff like getting to know which MP walked out of an interview on live TV.Like,o-n l-i-v-e TV!Thanks for noticing the emphasis placed on each syllable.(we don’t mention names here.The reason being, you won’t come bail me out should I land in a cell for defaming an esteemed MP!)…

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