To my dark-haired prince (II),

Still at my knight in a shinning armour who my intuition tells me he will pay dowry in terms of camels. 😉 My darling dark prince, I know you are not coming riding on a wooden chariot and that you won’t have a chiseled jaw(too many novels!what do they usually mean when they talk of chiseled features)but darn it if…

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To my dark-haired prince ( I),

To my prince who ,by the way,I am a thousand times positive won’t come riding on a white horse into the sunset. Sir, I’ve spent as long as forever( as I am writing this, please note that forever hasn’t come to an end yet)and i’m straining my last muscles trying to wait patiently for your arrival.So if you can ,hurry…

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Matatu Chronic-les.

It is a thursday evening and I’m leaving work(if attatchment can be classified as work)and I happen to sit next to this man in the mat.Now,who passed the rule that men should sit with legs far apart in the matatus?In buses,maybe you can…but matatus?please! You all know how sambaza seat is the worst curse that ever caught up with this…

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One heck..Of a woman

She is many, enshrined in the singleness of one. She is graceful. In movement..and in stillness too. She exudes gentleness. The kind that shamelessy washes down the tallest of walls built around any soul. Kindness is a virtue engrained in her young soul. The kind that kisses and drys hurting wounds all the way to healing. She is perfection. With…

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  I never stop thinking of all the people who die in accidents or even those who die under different circumstances and it saddens me more that nowadays,even young people die.You must be creasing your brow like”what is new about that?”Everything is.I understand very well that death is no respector of men among its other characteristics like giving no damn…

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