My fading laundry.


Its Sunday.The day I get to do my laundry.On such days, you wake up,look at the heap of clothes waiting for you and you sigh.If only washing them was half  as fun as wearing them is.

As I hang the clothes on the hanging line,I can’t help but realize  that I am not seeing some clothes I used to have sometime back.I’m talking of my white blouse.Holy heavens,that blouse got to see better days before I was forced to grudgingly let it savor its ‘old age’ days in my suitcase.

I am also talking of this brown skirt I used to have.If you get to know why I loved this skirt you’d laugh.This skirt had side pockets(is that the right name for them¿)So it was the only skirt I could pocket in.

It also had a belt.Now this is the real reason I loved the skirt.When a skirt has a belt…even if I grow slimmer I can still wear it without any fear of unplanned accidents.After all with dear belt am held and safe.

As I think of these clothes,I have to resist the temptation of dropping the laundry already to go get these clothes where they are lying and try them on….for fun sake at least now that I cant have the pleasure of wearing them to the road,why not spin around before the mirror with them  on.

Back to my laundry.One thing that really shatters my heart is seeing a new cloth fading color.A few weeks ago I bought a royal blue scarf and I am quite attached to it.Sadly enough the day I get to wash it,it is fading colour.I wonder,I have just used it for one month only!Bad.Baad.

For a moment I want to beg it ‘dear blue scarf,please stop ‘bleeding’.I haven’t had enough of you.’Then I just sigh and move to the next cloth to be hung.

Next cloth is this reddish kitenge dress.Its fading too.Involuntarily, this words escape my mouth,”khai,hata wewe umeamua kufade pia?”
Ni sawa tu.Isokei!

Am sure none of us likes putting on stuff that has faded color.So I stand for a moment,I  look at the blue water I used to rinse my blue scarf and the child in me is tempted to take the basin and pour the blue water on top of the scarf I have hung as if to force it to drink back its color.I guess you could call this,denial stage.Haha:)

I stop for a moment and I think.Okay,now let’s say am i’m getting into the acceptance stage.I am muttering to myself,’clothes are allowed to grow old after all and even fade regardless of how dear we hold some to our hearts.’

And maybe its better that way because we see more lovely and newer clothes on the shelves of the boutiques every other day and surely,they need someone to buy them!

I give my scarf and dress one last look and I say,”dear pumpkins,fade at your own risk .You are allowed to, after all.You see I won’t own you forever.So far am enjoying your services.Thanks.We will talk more when I come back to unhung you.’

Life has phases.Each comes with its sunny and rainy seasons  and while a phase lasts ,we kinder want to cling to it too much because we have gotten used to it over time.

I learn that I need to let life flow as it comes along.I will embrace my youth(it’s what I have now).I will use the privileges that come with it wisely.Once it decides to kiss me goodbye…gladly I will let it go and embrace the next phase with all my heart.

..just like am looking forward to replacing my good blue scarf and that red dress someday when they grow old!


My name is Melodious. An economics student, foodie, a writer(writing gives life!), a sister, and a lover of life.

I love to dance in the rain and to sing in the bathroom.

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  1. dolly
    June 14, 2016 / 1:03 pm

    speaking of the black trousers .I think i will let them go. Wait am still clenching my teeth.

    • June 14, 2016 / 6:00 pm

      Oh my goodness!finally!! A moment of silence for dolly as she parts with the black trouser…

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