Personally, through years I’ve hard to scratch Uncle Google in all the regions possible to know other bloggers. That is why I decided to list at least a good number of my favorite lifestyle bloggers to make your search easier.  And no, my list does not follow any order, and neither is it comprehensive. Most importantly, feel free to post links to other lifestyle blogs (even your own) that you enjoy reading so that the rest of the population can check them out as well! -This one is a legend. -Biko is definitely everyone’s favorite. Every portion of the population can relate to his writings on any day. He has written a book called, ‘Drunk’. You can find it on his site and buy it online for ksh.499 only. – Magunga doubles up as a writer and a photographer. Reading his blog, you will want to meet Karua-his amazing mother as he refers to her. I can tell you for free, he is among those awesome humans who sent the lift back down to pick the rest of us when he got to the top. He still does that. He also owns and manages a bookstore that stocks and sells books by African writers. – He writes witty letters to a plus sized woman with tiny, pretty feet. When you are done reading, you will want to possess tiny feet as well. He has written a book called, ‘The Realm of Humanity’. Also, a movie is being made from one of his writings,’ 1988’. And, he is supercool and nice in person. A few days ago, he was on tv and ladies said his beard is yummy! -His genre is unique and even if you spent all your life hating history, you will LOVE how he narrates past events in history. You will be amazed at how little knowledge you might be having of history after you read his blog posts. -We all love a to hear a great love story, don’t we? Personally, I do! This blog is run by an interracial couple who write about relationships and lifestyle in general. And, you will love the fashion sense of Rachel and her intelligent mind as well! -We all know Irvin Jalang’o…. Irvin will be the end of our poor ribs. His posts will leave you amused for 10 years on the minimum. -His prose is amazing, and he has written a book called, ’The Engagement’. You can find it on his site and buy it as well. – Almaz is delightful. And at her young age, I so wish I’d see things the way she does when I was that age. Her writings are so relatable on so many levels. When reading her posts, you will wish she were your sister because she is just amazing. You should also check out her recent haircut -it is amazeballs! -He has unique perspective son basic day to day stuff and a great appreciation of art. He has also published a book called, ‘A Picasso’. – He is super witty and his tales about life will knock the air out of your lungs. – Not only will you love his hilarious posts but him as well! Seriously, can it get better than that? – She writes about parenting, motherhood, raising children and You will LOVE her voice in the blog. – Troy can easily transport you to any part of the world with his stories. His articles have been published in uncountable sites and publications. -She writes about motherhood, family and her journey in general. You should read this because you will see her in a newer light. – She writes about, love, relationships and marriage. And parenthood. – Steve writes his thoughts on various aspects of life. I love how logical he is in his approach to life. – This one, I took too long to meet him. His style is versatile. He writes both prose and poetry.  He is also bubbly and full of life! I love how easily he conveys a serious message amidst his hilarious jokes.


You can find several other registered blogs on the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) website: . Browse through the various categories of blogs available for you and quench your lust for words! Maybe next time, I can get to make a list of other favorites like fashion, art or even spiritual blogs that I follow faithfully.




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