Every blogger desire to be unique in the kind of content to produce and that is 100% okay. These ideas are meant to jog your mind and so feel free to twist them to match the needs of your audience when you decide to write on any of them. Truthfully, at the end of the day, we are all writing about the same ideas. What makes the difference however, is the spin or rather personal touch that you give it as an individual blogger.

  • An interview with someone you admire
  • Share a few embarrassing stories with your readers
  • Share with your readers your biggest success in life so far
  • Share with your readers your most epic failures and how you overcame them
  • Talk about an important life lesson you’ve learned recently
  • Write a letter to a younger version of yourself
  • A post about why you started blogging
  • X number of things I’ve learnt in X number of years post (you can publish it on your birthday)
  • ‘X number of things you probably don’t know about me’ post
  • Taking stock blog post
  • A book review
  • Write about your fears or a topic that you are nervous to write about.
  • Things you’ve learned from your mom or dad
  • Give advice on a particular relationship/friendship issue
  • Lessons you’ve learned at a particular stage of your life e.g. in college/at work
  • Write an open letter to someone.
  • Write about mistakes you made in your past relationships
  • What you’ve learned during [___] years of blogging
  • Why you love blogging
  • Interview another blogger
  • Share on the kind of Software/Equipment You Use in blogging.
  • Planners and stationary that you’re loving
  • Your favorite Instagram accounts, YouTube and Twitter to follow
  • Share the things that keep you organized
  • Share your favorite blogging tools
  • Create a resource list
  • Create your own blog ideas list
  • Q & A post (ask for questions on your social media channels and answer them on your blog)
  • Create a blog post with no words just pictures. Only make sure that the pictures are stunning.
  • Write about your first something, kissing, day at school, flight, date, driving a car first car accident, first break up, etc.
  • Create a blog post with a video extra.Write the blog post out and record a video of you talking about the topic and turn it in to one epic blog post!
  • Share a freebie (create a checklist or a printable or something your readers can download)
  • Create a vision board (either online or on an actual board)- share your vision board and inspire others to create one
  • create a resource list– make sure you share only the most valuable and helpful information you can find and remember that quality over quantity applies here as well.

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