Happy Fathers day.

A few weeks ago was mother’s day and….and I think I need to applause all of us who wrote something on our blogs,twitter handles,facebook walls,in the papers all to appreciate our lovely mothers.But it would be bad if I proceeded without giving a hero’s clap for all who customized the message and scribbled or graffitied it on momma’s kitchen walls and her make-up mirror.

Now if you have been one of those who every time your lips part,you  are ever mourning over how all men are dogs,am going to need your silence for a short 24 hours as from Saturday evening.

To put it plainly,this is what am trying to say.
That this Sunday is Father’s day.And we are going to celebrate these men in style..Both in speech and in action!

I always thought men never keep journals.And sure they don’t,except a few.This stolen piece from a dad’s journal had me picking my jaw from the floor.


she is 20
and in third year now
she seems unusually busy
I feel almost forgotten(sigh)
you see,even we old men need to be checked on once  in a while.
I miss my little girl.

sheilah is 21
my little girl is waiting for her graduation,
and as she comes home that evening
she has this unusual spark in her eyes…mh
we talk about a lot of stuff
before she can tell me
…..what I already know.

He proposed to my little girl today,
she tells me he is a nice guy and that I would like  him..
look ,
I love my little girl
it just tortures my soul when I try to imagine the worst that could happen,
what if he breaks her little heart?
what if he leaves her hanging at the altar on the wedding day?
what if he ever cheats on her?
what if he ….he is a killer?
(at the thought of this last one…..I can feel my breathing become incoherent)
she startles me out of my daze when she gently taps at me ‘dad you fine?’
my little girl,
dad is fine,
just a little scared..no..happy…
…both for you.

on the other hand
I can hardly wait to have tiny little beings around me  calling me grandpa…
that’d be a handsome crown for my old age.
so I better be happy for my little girl

sheilah is 23,
her wedding is next month(july)
and today is july 21,
exactly a year introduced Jim to me,
she tells me she wants to take me out,
(my little girl is something!)take an old man out.haha

its a beautiful resort I admit.
and we are served with our meals
as I sit across my sheilahmay on this table,
it takes more than courage not to shed a tear or more each time I see her face dimple with a smile as we chat the afternoon away,

I can hardly relate the mature lady sitted across me with that young lithe girl I used to pick from school each evening
Her talks are nothing near the tell-tale stories she used to make daddy listen to every evening

in a few days,
my girl is going to be someone’s wife..
and someone’s mother after a few years,
but deep in my heart,
she remains my little princess
my little pretty flower.

…she tells me she wishes mommy was here to watch her walk down the aisle,
as I stiffle a groan at the memory of her mother,(she died of cancer wnen sheilah was 11)
she squeezes my hand ,
tilts her head sideways,
looks deep into my eyes
gives me that beautiful toothy smile(just like her mother used to do during our dates)
and my little girl says,
”dad,mother or no mother…….you have always been the best.you’ll always be.I love you.happy fathers day!”

I just reach for my handkerchief and dab at my eyes..involuntarily.
A waiter passes near and he can hardly make out why my old eyes are tearing,
I give that billion dollar grin,I sniff loudly and I whisper to him,
see this beautiful girl there?”
he nods.
“thats my princess little girl!!”

Am getting to discover these lovely men we adore,their feet are also made of clay.
Their eyes do tear too.
They human.
Same fabric that we are cut from.

Nevertheless,happy father’s day all dads and dads-in-waiting out there.
We celebrate you!We love you!


My name is Melodious. An economics student, foodie, a writer(writing gives life!), a sister, and a lover of life.

I love to dance in the rain and to sing in the bathroom.

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  1. Watakila
    December 15, 2017 / 8:34 am

    Epic stuff…..makes fatherhood sound sooo interesting!!

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