Just when will the road clear out?


This Saturday was one of the days I decided to attend church in a new place and that’s how I got caught up in jam along that Langata road this evening on my way back to town.

So at 6.50 pm am still in town. That’s the latest I have ever found myself in town.Yes am the type who fear darkness.And it only worsens when the darkness finds me in town.

wait a minute,today I had to cross the roads alone without any help!All those roads from Country bus to Kencom.I consider that an achievement.haha.


You see I really have phobia of crossing roads alone, especially busy roads.I checked on Wikipedia and this condition is called ‘agyrophobia’.I still can’t believe the dictionary has a name for such conditions.What makes it amusing is that Wikipedia describes it like it   has me in mind.smh.And by the way it has remedies!

I admit am those types that look right..left..right..left again,sigh a little bit… then I look right again and I hop across the road in total panic as if in fear of an invisible vehicle appearing out of nowhere and kicking life out of dear me.Am too young to die!lol


this is literally me whenever I have to cross a busy road.Best termed as,a bag of nerves!

When am crossing the ever busy roads,you know those roads that never seem to clear out completely?Like those ones in country bus down there?Am talking about those ones.In such cases,i usually check a  ‘ka-group’ of people crossing the  road and sweet me tags closer to them and thats how we cross the road.Did I say ‘we’?Yes.We.

You see,the trick is; the vehicle is obviously never going to run over like 20 people crossing the road at once.Especially when child of my parents(who is afraid of death) is among the 20 people!

That’s how child of my parents has been able to cross roads without getting killed  …..for the last two decades she has been alive.Doesn’t that tell you my trick is reliable?

Once am across the road, safe  and over the panic attacks that I get when crossing the roads,I shake my head as I try to wonder how I will be helping my own kids cross the road when I myself struggle through it all like some fictious arithmetic.

Did I mention that I actually get a bit shaken when the road is not clearing out completely  for me to cross?
You should hear me offering petitions to God at that time under clenched teeth.Now you know that child of my parents is a christian.Am a  Christian,whether the road is clearing out or not…

I think I talk too much..even in my writing.Pardon my manners,I drifted to far.
I was telling you about how I found myself in town at 7.pm.As I stood waiting for my bus to arrive, I can tell you I saw one thing that really fascinated me.One among the many things I love about typical Nairobi.

We all know typical Nairobi.A town defined by beautiful creatures tip-toeing in very high heels even during the rainy season.A town where spending 1-2 hours in  traffic jam is a registered item in our schedule or to-do list everyday.

That aside.Hey ,you should be in town one of these evenings.These humans look so nice illuminated under those yellow red blue green colour lights in town!And they are not alone,because as I walked from country bus to my bus stage, I got to enjoy the fun of being illuminated too.


You know that feeling you get when you see celebrities get on stage and the lights flicker on,over and about them in different shades,and you go like ‘that must feel heavenly!’?

That was the feeling child of my parents got to experience today as she crossed the streets .I felt like a small celebrity
and heck it was a good feeling..maybe the only thing lacking was a good audience  to watch me as I bathe in the illumination.

My bus finally arrived and I had to tear my eyes off the beauty of this city at night?Yeah ..its sad as it sounds.And my seatmate in this bus is the nosy type.He  has not stopped stealing glances at my phone screen since I started writing this piece!I better stop before I get upset with him.The weekend is still young.

And maybe,that makes my third reason for finding Nairobi City irresistible,after the hectic inevitable crossing of endless streets that I have to do almost daily.


My name is Melodious. An economics student, foodie, a writer(writing gives life!), a sister, and a lover of life.

I love to dance in the rain and to sing in the bathroom.

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