A little love and some letting go

A little love and some letting go

It is nice to stir things a little from time to time, isn’t it? That is why today’s blog post is absolutely different from any I’ve done before. It is all pictures and a few captions. Pictures with statues of men. Handsome, muscular men I happen to be in love with. In fact, I sat on the lap of one of them! Though I must say he kept looking the other way the whole time as if I was not there. As if I wasn’t woman enough for him. But I know men like him, I do. He did not ask me to stand up. That should tell you a lot about the connection between him and I. *wink*



Me, I am well watched over. Don’t you see those two men behind there?


But who does not love a man that is handsome in a solemn manner, tall in an Absalom typa way and wears and expensive jacket. Again, ignore the ashy feet hehe, I’ve told you guys about those boys before.


Dad, I brought you a man. He is tall, dark and well, lookable. And is in the army! He is the whole package, daddy, can’t you see?





A good girl takes off her sandals, sits on the ground and laughs out loudly.


Ignoring my ashy legs, see, I seriously did sit on his lap. Though clearly, a woman has never appeared more neglected than I do in this picture. Poor me.


To all my village-mates that laughed at me the many times I could not pin a simple hen down. See, I tamed a bear! I did it.


He is a man. A tall man. And with an ego so high he hardly fits in through even the highest of doors. But I love him! And hey, he can strike a mean pose!



Have a wonderful week and remember to do something random one of these fine days. But let it not be taking pics with your feet looking as ashy as mine in these pictures. Yet again what is life without imperfection?

Remember to stay tuned for a new video on my YouTube Channel ‘The Kenyan blogger . I will be announcing a wonderful book giveaway I will be doing for the next few months in collaboration with Kevin Omwanza on Facebook

Remember to Love, Laugh and Let go!


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