Phase 1__of my life.


One morning
I found myself in preschool….
it was the beginning of a journey best stated as the start of a certain phase in my life.

and days flew….
I still remember them so well!
those days when sleeping  used to be a compulsory subject in the pre-school timetable!(could it get any better for a Kenyan child!!)
those days when only three subjects appeared in the timetable.
and…….the subjects followed this order.
first ,singing the alphabet atleast twenty times,then playing for atleast one hour,eating……….eating a little more,then sleeping……
sleeping a little more.
our teacher will tell us
‘msalimie mama zenu’!!
which child wouldnt say that was a day well-spent?

time passed by and old good pre-school could no longer accomodate me
I actually think it ‘booted’ me.*sob*sob*
and so
I found myself in class one,
…..those days when we had only one teacher teaching us all subjects,
# I literally get stitches with laughter when I try to imagine my high school biology teacher teaching me all the subjects…….’..’
I guess boredom smells just as bad in any other name.smh

You see,back in class one it never bothered us seeing the same teacher the whole day.I still shake my head whenever I think of it.
How did I,child of my parents survive that???

The only possible explanation I can fabricate  for that is that we hadn’t discovered there is a phenomenon termed as boredom
or maybe …..just maybe,…the teacher was interesting(which is totally out of question.At least,not in the Kenya of those days.The kenya where  lower class teachers wore big round glasses and seemed to enjoy flogging our backs much more than noisily sipping tea out of their cups in class while we  painfully yawned waiting for lunch.)


my class one teacher must have looked something like this.hehe

Then came the heavenly class four!
Oh how the thought of being in what we termed as ‘upper class’ delighted my little pretty soul back then …
I graced my first few days in class four with a new spring in my walking style
(just so you understand how serious I am,you should be here to see the sheepish grin playing on  my lips as I write this)

I was in seventh heaven over that micro-achievement(joining class four) up until…
I discovered who was going to be our new english teacher.
I can fearlessly tell you,that new walking style I had acquired literally crept back into the very shell where it had come from!
By the way,I forgot to tell you earlier that my mother was a teacher ……..
– that very school.An English teacher ,to say the least.
From the smile on your face,you must have joined the pieces by now.
Need I say more?

Look at it this way.
I was a bright student(am just quoting what all my teachers used to say.All the  teachers.Except that one madam.My very lovely mother)
The problem is I still fell under that category of students who never shut their mouths.
They are either storytelling (cat and dog stories of those days) or they are role-playing(this is the most decent word I could find  for  mimicking teachers)
And if they are doing none of the above(i hope you still remember this used to be choice option D  in those social studies papers.Kaimenyi please ,find the person who introduced that ‘thing’ as an answer case,especially for primary students.#generation_Kaimenyi.)


As I was saying earlier on,
if those students are doing none of those things I mentioned,they had to be sleeping on their desks(note that I did not use the word locker.Leave that one for #Generation_Kaimenyi) yawning their dearest intestines out.
That was done in preparation for that glorious lunchtime bell.
oh yes ,it was a glorious one and how dearly we loved the melodious sound of that bell!Atleast we can all nod that that was real love!!
Love for food.

****That is what I could call phase one of my life…….
I want to imagine it would have been more interesting if I had been born earlier.By that ,I mean I could have  tasted maziwa ya Moi##sema_team_mafisi!!

Next time we shall talk about my encounter with my new english teacher!yes,that lovely woman my dad calls his wife!

Thanks for reading lovely people!
I love you all ….to jupiter and back!!!:) :)


My name is Melodious. An economics student, foodie, a writer(writing gives life!), a sister, and a lover of life.

I love to dance in the rain and to sing in the bathroom.

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