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At 23 years of age, I am be deemed ready for marriage, to take a job offer, to stop eating that paper that usually encases a queen cake and a few other trivial things like fixing Ugali that is hard enough for Wafula to enjoy. Except that I am not ready for any of those. […]

Of distance relationships.

Currently, I am in a distance relationship. A moment of silence there for my strong heart. Between my guy and I, lies the vast carpet of the Atlantic Ocean and its ferocious man-eating crocodiles. Like a normal Christian who tithes faithfully except when I get windfall money (which is all the time), I am greatly […]

Kenyans, that was nasty!

My mothers chicken and cows had already been put to sleep. We, her older cows, as she liked to call us whenever we failed exams, sat in a circle plucking the maize grains out of the cobs. In my mothers books, anything below position 1 in class equaled bad grades. Consequently, my siblings and I […]

Pandora’s box

Tea is good, alright. But espresso is superb. And intoxicatingly sweet. With vocabulary that reeks of the musky scent of ancient corridors in palaces, our guest blogger, Brian Rioba, is simply superb. The Shakespeare kind of superb. The way in which this guy can pump life into words in a jiffy, is one to reckon with. And, […]

For he was a broken egg

He was just any other egg in the crate on a slow Monday morning. With average height, average looks, average everything, nothing about him stood out. Not the way he walked or even smiled. In fact, I thought his smile too gummy and his voice too dry. Sometimes I’d listen to him talking, stare at […]

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That our cow’s tits..

Let me introduce myself properly. I am just an ordinary Kenyan who spends all her days trying to evade paying taxes. Kanjo and I have a fetish for hide and seek. The chasing, we do it all the time. I even dread the day I’ll have to start paying them up because that is the […]

Of anemic wallets

My guardian angel is one sad fellow who walks around with his face contorted into an ugly scowl like a Kenyan whose salary has delayed for a day. He never says it but I know the kind of thoughts he harbors in his mind about me. He thinks I am pathetic. I see it written […]

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Men, smell of something

From the movement of his long fingers, he is cramming. His notes, carefully drafted, sit on his lap like a kid having its diaper changed. His letters are carefully shaped, too carefully shaped for a civil engineer. For a man. Apart from his Chinua Achebe like fro, he is just about as interesting as my […]

The fault in my chapatis

All my life, I have dated men from church. Men who speak of the realms of the blessed. Men who sing, and sing good. Men who love to call upon the higher Man. You can not blame me. It is partly my mama’s doing. She, like any other African parent, instilled it in me that […]

16 Years of Chloroquine

  8-4-4 squeezed me tight in one final embrace before letting me submit my last paper on Friday at exactly 1pm. Wading through 8-4-4 has been like chewing chloroquine tablets every morning for 16 years. By the end of it, even your waste stinks of it. You can hardly stand the taste of your own […]