Kandisi’s Water (and something else)

I was born in a part of Nairobi that is no longer a part of Nairobi and I grew up there as well. Rongai. This was long before it was so far away that people had to start seeking out visas for travel endeavors there (this statement is not supported by fact). Believe it or […]

In my quest for a job

I sigh softly as my behinds make contact with the cold cement slab beneath me. You see, like any other Kenyan about to graduate, I’ve been trying to get a job. Currently, a job with Deloitte. That is why I am here in Chiromo for an uptitude test. We are so many of us here. […]

..she became flawless

  Shaken hands with pain one too many times; Admiration and her name appear not in one sentence. Abuse of the Queen’s language it’d be deemed Her paper heart, broken over and over again And poorly stitched, She no longer cares about being okay. Surviving, however torturous, seems way easier. Yet, Something about this son […]

A withered soul

Tears? They are a language to whose eloquence He toots his horn Think he is all alone in this world? No. Nightmares are his eternal companions Sorrow and he? Inseparable lovers Pain and he make good synonyms Fate grilled his lithe soul And deemed him unworthy of its goodness. His eyes, formerly vibrant Now carry […]

The evil reaper

  Like a friend who betrayed his own, the stars shyly peeped from above. In softest of hums, the winds blew over my skin, caressing me in and out. Soothing the pain out of my soul. As the angel of death prowled about, lewdly sucking the daylights out of me. While my limbs, in resignation sagged, the bad reaper […]

​The ghosts of Dada

Like an abandoned piece of porcelain, she sits on that metal chair, its cold surface burning into her skin. Her endless legs are clad in blue jeans that seem to cling to her like second skin. Her left hand rests rather limply on her sling bag while she uses the other to scroll through her […]

Of Cracked and lost phones

As I type this, I’m in a queue trying to fetch as many jerrycans of water as possible before I get caught nikiruka line ya maji. Should I get caught, mungu wangu atanipigania. (if you haven’t yet watched that video of a man dancing to this song, you either need to dump all your friends […]

The rant of a defocused girl

I am having a crappy Sunday morning. Actually, any day that finds me sitted in the library as early as 9am is just that, crappy. Well, I just crossed the library security check point and dragging my 53.5 kg-self towards the lift. Silently, I am wondering if I’d die of leprosy or some ancient disease […]

The African Shirt never lies

My Sister, If you see a man, a good-looking man, in an Ankara shirt and more so on a Sunday or Saturday, my sister, look the other way. I repeat, Look.The.Other.Way. But since I know you won’t look the other way, please remember to pinch yourself before you start to imagine what a good species […]

A Kenyan student and their GPA

By the time you get to third year, your GPA will be hitting menopause. Nearly kicking the bucket. But since you are a Kenyan by birth, notorious for your forcefulness, you will stick your narrow behind in the library trying to resuscitate your unconscious GPA anyway. We all know that a donkey kicks the hardest […]

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