Oh! It was a bumpy ride.

#GuestPost Msinione hivi, I used to be a queen once. Only, it was a kingdom run by four ladies. There was her royal highness the queen, (me) her highness the princess, pretty eyes and I guess, a light skin. There is always a light skinned one in any clique. I was fresh out of high […]

The train travelled in reverse

Suddenly the month when we can put on weight without feeling guilty is here with us. I tried to answer some of the questions I received but as you all know, no one takes me seriously. Not even myself.😉 How was/is your experience of seeing someone in church? Pros and cons Seeing someone in church […]

The cake we couldn’t have

”You do not fall for your best friend. They are a cake you can neither have nor eat.” Like a mass of beautiful darkness, it stood on her head like a defiant soldier. Its strands stubborn and deliberate. Her hair. It was my favorite thing about her. Jael’s hair was a statement by itself. The […]

Meeting the in-laws

When the mister finally says that he’d like you to meet his relatives, it is kind of a profound moment. Kind of. A profound moment that lasts only up to and until you meet the in-laws, in person. You see, the universe never tires of playing tricks on all of us, so we can unanimously […]


At 23 years of age, I am be deemed ready for marriage, to take a job offer, to stop eating that paper that usually encases a queen cake and a few other trivial things like fixing Ugali that is hard enough for Wafula to enjoy. Except that I am not ready for any of those. […]

Of distance relationships.

Currently, I am in a distance relationship. A moment of silence there for my strong heart. Between my guy and I, lies the vast carpet of the Atlantic Ocean and its ferocious man-eating crocodiles. Like a normal Christian who tithes faithfully except when I get windfall money (which is all the time), I am greatly […]

Pandora’s box

Tea is good, alright. But espresso is superb. And intoxicatingly sweet. With vocabulary that reeks of the musky scent of ancient corridors in palaces, our guest blogger, Brian Rioba, is simply superb. The Shakespeare kind of superb. The way in which this guy can pump life into words in a jiffy, is one to reckon with. And, […]

For he was a broken egg

He was just any other egg in the crate on a slow Monday morning. With average height, average looks, average everything, nothing about him stood out. Not the way he walked or even smiled. In fact, I thought his smile too gummy and his voice too dry. Sometimes I’d listen to him talking, stare at […]

The fault in my chapatis

All my life, I have dated men from church. Men who speak of the realms of the blessed. Men who sing, and sing good. Men who love to call upon the higher Man. You can not blame me. It is partly my mama’s doing. She, like any other African parent, instilled it in me that […]

Tales from my love life

  My love life is chaotic. It is like a cluttered kitchen sink full of dishes piled up, all the way to the lowest staircase of heaven. It is like tea made of ginger, sugar, salt, milk and pepper. The only thing keeping me sane is the simple fact that I’m in campus anyway, no […]