Hi and welcome to thekenyanblogger.com!

My name is Melodious Nyanchama. I’m 22 years old and I snooze my alarm twice every morning. In my mind, I am an excellent dancer but in in real life, my feet cannot tell the right from left!

Most of my days are spent trying to add zeros on the front side of my paycheck because it is what adults do but mostly because it is the only way I can sustain my insatiable lust for new clothes! When I’m not doing that, I’m in school trying to add titles before and after my name (MBA and stuff).

Honestly, nothing about my life is extra ordinary. Well, except for my perfectly air-brushed Instagram photos and my love words. I love words with soft juicy lips. Word with adorable pouts. Words that make me feel things. I love them all.  I also love to talk to myself and my camera as well and then let people watch it later on My YouTube Channel.

On this website, I write about love, life and laughter and a few times, about slightly embarrassing day to day stuff. In my stories I might tend to distribute laughter in small cups, big plates and shapeless baskets. But most importantly, I love Jesus. I love Him because a man that can hang on the cross for you is a man you can trust. Also, a man that can feed me and my 5000 friends is a man I do not wanna let out of my sight!

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