That smile was borrowed. But mother said I do not have to  return it. So, I kept it.

I am a lover of life and I love to scoop large helpings out of it.

I am the well-mannered, reserved girl at the beginning of the party. Do not be fooled, it is all pretense. At the end of the party, I am that girl with a laughter that is a little too loud-pitched and a smile too wide for one who has seen any sorrow. I thrive in the silence of the night while the witches run around  and create music with their footsteps.

I love people. Especially those who know that it is okay to color outside the lines sometimes but know just how far as well. I love people who cannot be contained in well packaged boxes branded as societal norms. I love people whose awesomeness is so large that it is spilling over to the sides like the insides of a sandwich.

I am Melodious Nyanchama, a blogger, a writer, a laugh-ist, a foodie and a lazy vlogger and this place is home, my home. Our home; You and I. I love to talk because mine is a loud mouth. I love to have candid conversations because my shy days are long gone and just as you thought, no matter how hard i try, my mouth cant stay shut. When I am not talking, I am eating. And when I put on weight, I blame the mirror for having magnifying lenses. Because me, I am not the problemm.

I live one day at a time because tomorrow gives no guarantees. And hey, you might not get a do-over in this life. So you, my dear,  laugh loudest, sing like nobody’s listening and dance like nobody is watching. Because at the end of the day, there is some alcohol in every person’s feet, the difference is the amount in them – which also does not matter.