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Oh! It was a bumpy ride.

#GuestPost Msinione hivi, I used to be a queen once. Only, it was a kingdom run by four ladies. There was her royal highness the queen, (me) her highness the princess, pretty eyes and I guess, a light skin. There is always a light skinned one in any clique. I was fresh out of high […]

The train travelled in reverse

Suddenly the month when we can put on weight without feeling guilty is here with us. I tried to answer some of the questions I received but as you all know, no one takes me seriously. Not even myself.😉 How was/is your experience of seeing someone in church? Pros and cons Seeing someone in church […]

The cake we couldn’t have

”You do not fall for your best friend. They are a cake you can neither have nor eat.” Like a mass of beautiful darkness, it stood on her head like a defiant soldier. Its strands stubborn and deliberate. Her hair. It was my favorite thing about her. Jael’s hair was a statement by itself. The […]

Avocado in the night.

Yester night, while ya’ll were sleeping, I killed an avocado that knew no sin during its lifetime. You heard me right, I killed an avocado that had seen and accepted the light. An avocado that has died and risen with Christ. My people, I ended the life of an avocado that was raised by two […]

A woman and her heels

If you ever see me in heels, walking gracefully- probably more gracefully than the duchess of Cambridge- that is me reaping the fruits of my labor. That is me living a purpose-driven life. That is the daughter of my mother living her one true dream. Most of my life in-doors is spent practicing my walk […]

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The bridges I burned

By deciding to read this, you are halfway into concluding that I am one of those cliché Kenyans who never received enough hugs during their childhood. Except that my childhood was great. I climbed trees alongside boys, stole sugar when my mother was not watching and even, choked on cooked intestines at some point. Now that […]

Meeting the in-laws

When the mister finally says that he’d like you to meet his relatives, it is kind of a profound moment. Kind of. A profound moment that lasts only up to and until you meet the in-laws, in person. You see, the universe never tires of playing tricks on all of us, so we can unanimously […]


At 23 years of age, I am be deemed ready for marriage, to take a job offer, to stop eating that paper that usually encases a queen cake and a few other trivial things like fixing Ugali that is hard enough for Wafula to enjoy. Except that I am not ready for any of those. […]

Of distance relationships.

Currently, I am in a distance relationship. A moment of silence there for my strong heart. Between my guy and I, lies the vast carpet of the Atlantic Ocean and its ferocious man-eating crocodiles. Like a normal Christian who tithes faithfully except when I get windfall money (which is all the time), I am greatly […]

Kenyans, that was nasty!

My mothers chicken and cows had already been put to sleep. We, her older cows, as she liked to call us whenever we failed exams, sat in a circle plucking the maize grains out of the cobs. In my mothers books, anything below position 1 in class equaled bad grades. Consequently, my siblings and I […]

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